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Sleep masks are small pieces of fabric that are placed across the eyes to help people sleep. They may be made of cloth, cotton, silk, satin, or foam to increase the level of comfort. Sleeping masks can grant wearers deeper and more replenishing sleep because they effectively block out excess light. A sleeping mask creates a relaxing environment to fall asleep in, and users find that they fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and feel more rejuvenated in the morning.


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While sleeping masks are helpful for anyone who has trouble falling asleep or is awoken by early morning light, they are especially beneficial to travelers and shift workers. A sleeping mask is great to bring on an airplane, where falling asleep can be difficult. Travelers also use sleeping masks to help them adjust to different time zones. While still adjusting, travelers frequently sleep during daylight hours in unfamiliar places. A sleeping mask is a great aid in such situations. For those who work evenings or nights and sleep during the morning or afternoon, sleeping masks can be a great assistance. It can be very difficult to get a full 7-8 hours of rest during the day, but sleeping masks can be a great assistance.

Sleep masks have maintained their basic form and function over the years, but they have also taken on new functions as people have found creative uses for them. For example, sleep masks that aid in lucid dreaming have been produced. These masks emit lights and generate sounds when a person reaches the REM (rapid eye movement) stage of sleep. These stimuli cue the dreamer that he or she is in a dream, which triggers lucidity. Sleeping masks can also be useful just as a way of depriving visual stimuli. By denying the sense of sight, people slightly enhance their other senses. This can, for example, produce a great appreciation for music or increase tactile sensitivity. The deprivation of sight is an aid for meditation as well. Blocking the world out helps people stay within themselves while meditating. Another great use for sleeping masks is to relieve claustrophobia in MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) patients. Patients have found that a sleeping mask helps reduce the stress of undergoing these tests, which occur in confined MRI scanners.

Over recent years, the appearance of sleeping masks has developed along with their function, making them more diverse. Some masks are large enough to envelop the entire head, providing ear muffs, a pillow in back, and preventing a person’s hair from looking disordered when they wake. Even some smaller masks are available with ear pillows to block out unwanted sound. Some sleeping masks are now made out of foam that conforms to facial contours. New magnetic masks have been developed to boost circulation, increase melatonin production, and relieve sinus pressure, all while the wearer rests comfortably. Sleeping masks are now available in a multitude of colors and styles, including masks shaped like cats and unique children’s designs.

A 2002 study from Harvard University (ScienceDaily, July 2, 2002) emphasizes the importance of sleep and suggests that “power napping” can add to workers’ productivity. “Power napping” is the term for reinvigorating midday naps that last 30-90 minutes. The Harvard study shows that the bonus slow-wave and REM sleep provided by a nap can boost motor skills as well as memory retention and the acquisition of perceptual task skills. A nap halts the deterioration of worker performance, which naturally declines throughout the day. This is especially helpful for workers with irregular shifts, who are more likely to experience sleep difficulties. Another study (ScienceDaily, February 13, 2007) found that a regular afternoon nap can lead to a 37% decrease in the risk of cardiac death. For working men, the number was an astonishing 64% reduction. The importance of napping makes sleep masks all the more valuable. A sleep mask is especially useful for taking a midday nap when the sun is up and a completely dark room is difficult to find. By helping people nap, sleep masks can prove very beneficial for maintaining health.

Napping is another common time when sleep masks are very useful. Many people find that a short nap helps them get through the day and maintain a high level of productivity. A sleep mask blocks out light so that nearly anywhere is a comfortable place to take a nap. Anyone with a spouse who enjoys watching television or reading into the night can also greatly benefit from a sleep mask. Light and visual stimuli are restricted from view so that falling sleep comes easily. Sleep masks make it possible for one person to rest while another enjoys an evening activity. Another place that a sleep mask is handy is the hospital bed. The recuperative rest that an ill person needs can be hard to get in an uncomfortable hospital bed where some source of light is usually around. For extended stays in hospitals, a sleeping mask is nearly essential.

Due to their increased popularity, sleep masks are now available in a variety of stylish colors and patterns. This site has a sleeping mask gallery that displays some of the interesting choices available. Some sleep masks now come equipped with ear pads to block sound, adjustable headbands, additional padding, and are made of hypoallergenic materials. A sleep mask with magnets to soothe pain and reduce sinus pressure is also now available. A regular sleep mask can be used to relieve pain from migraines, but magnetic fields can increase circulation as well. Check out the rest of the website for more information on sleep masks.

There are so many different types of cute sleep masks for both men and women. Some of the best brands of sleep eye mask include Bucky, Holly Golightly, Earth Therapeutics, Breakfast at tiffanys, Sleep Master and more!




As a college student with an irregular sleep schedule, I have found that sleeping masks are great tools to help me get enough rest. It is always hard to find enough time for sleep during the week, so the ability to take a nap in the Union between classes is fantastic. With a sleep mask, I am able to catch some sleep just about anywhere on campus. A quick nap gives me additional energy to pay close attention in class or do some extra work at the rec. center. I hate the feeling of coming home from a class knowing that I did not learn as much as I could have because I was tired and unfocused. Having enough rest is the one thing that prevents that feeling, and my sleep mask is my best friend for getting enough recuperative sleep. By getting enough sleep, I can make the most of my day. One or another of my roommates often has some friends over or plays guitar while I would like to sleep. With my sleeping mask and ear plugs, this isn’t a problem at all. I am able to relax no matter what the situation is outside of my room. I really feel that getting enough sleep has helped me succeed in class and put forth my best effort in other areas.

Over the summer, my sleep mask was indispensable. I took an over-night job stocking a grocery store. I never would have gotten enough sleep during the day without help. The shades in my room could never make it dark enough. Sleeping during the day is always tough to get used to, but during the summer it can be awful. With so many hours of daylight each day, I was only able to sleep while it was dark on my nights off from work. Fortunately, I had my sleeping mask to help me out. I was able to feel like I was in a dark, relaxing room anytime I wanted. Despite my strange sleep schedule, I woke up rejuvenated and ready to start my “day.” Since everyone else was at work while I was sleeping, I was actually able to get my best sleep during the summer once I became used to working nights. I would recommend even a simple, low-cost sleep mask for anyone who works evening or night shifts.

My sleep mask is really comfortable and it instantly relaxes me when I put it on, so I thought I would try using it while meditating. I found that the sleep mask helped me relax into a meditative mood, but also helped me concentrate. My mind easily wanders when I try to relax, and anything I see lying around my room can distract my attention. With my sleeping mask, I am able to keep my eyes open, relax but stay well awake, and concentrate on my breathing. In fact, I think that a sleep mask could help anytime I need to sit and really concentrate on an idea or make an important decision. Now that my body is trained to relax when I put it on and experience complete darkness, I am really able to unwind at any time. The next time I’m angry about something, I am going to try putting on my sleep mask just as a way to relax and calm down. I will also keep working on finding cool new ways that sleep masks can help during my daily life.

The Hibermate sleep mask is a black satin mask with a poly/cotton lining. It does a good job blocking out light and also comes with removable ear pads, so you can choose whether to obstruct sound as well. The headband is fully adjustable and allows the mask to fit anyone. The Hibermate is made of completely hypoallergenic materials. The mask is known as a great balance between comfort and effectiveness. Thanks to the breathable lining, the Hibermate is designed to stay warm in the winter but cool in the summer. The ear pillows block about half of incoming sound and are far more comfortable to sleep in than earplugs. This sleeping mask is washable and comes with a two-month money-back guarantee. The retail price is around $26.80. Hibermate is available in pitch black and dark navy blue. Visit for purchasing details.

From Dream Essentials comes the Infinity sleep mask. Made with soft, double-velour fleece, the Infinity mask is extremely comfortable. In addition, it leaves space around the eyes so that the eyes are not pressured during rest. This improves the quality of sleep and allows for full eye movement, which is a natural part of dream-sleep (REM). The space around the eyes also prevents this sleeping mask from smudging eye makeup – a definite plus for midday naps or travel. There are no ear pillows with this mask, but it comes with complementary ear plugs to completely block sound. The fabric is both breathable and washable, and the Velcro fastener is easily adjustable for any size. The fastener is not as secure as some more elaborate ones, but it is the easiest to adjust. The Infinity mask is 3.5” by 7.5” and weighs in at 1.4 ounces. It costs $29.95. The Infinity sleep mask is available in black, French navy, and royal purple.

The Magnetic and Sinus Mask is an example of a magnet sleep mask that improves relaxation and relief. The mask uses 28 neodymium magnets that are each half an inch thick. Users find that the magnetic field eases pain and encourages the relaxation necessary for a full night’s sleep. The magnets soothe the eyes, sinuses, and temples, improving blood flow and decreasing congestion. This mask has a plush inner lining for additional comfort. Of course, the mask is great at blocking out light in addition to its other beneficial effects. It is important to note that this mask is best used for 30-60 minutes at a time, not for an entire night’s sleep. It should not be used by anyone with implanted electro-medical devices or by women in the first trimester of pregnancy. A doctor should be consulted before this mask is used. The Magnetic and Sinus Mask is not machine washable but can be cleaned with mild soap and a damp washcloth. The mask has an elastic and Velcro headband for easy adjustment. This valuable relaxation tool costs $59.95.