Pillow Speakers - Wireless Fluffy Speaker Pillows

Whoever thought of the pillow speaker is a genius! I mean, what a fantastic idea to combine a pillow and speakers. Most of us know the frustration of trying to lie comfortably on our side with a pair of headphones on. Either they press against your ear painfully or slip off or make your tape or CD too loud on one side.

The beauty of having a speaker right inside your pillow is that it’s quiet enough to not disturb anybody else and loud enough so that you can listen to your favorite music right before bed. It can also connect with your TV or computer, depending on the particular model you have.


pillow speakers              


Another really cool feature of speaker-equipped pillows is the potential to utilize the power of your subconscious mind to entrain better mental habits. Subliminal CDs have become exceedingly popular because they unobtrusively take advantage of the power of suggestion when we’re in our most receptive mental state; when all our conscious defenses and resistance against change (even POSITIVE change) are on standby till the morning.




These items are also exceedingly affordable, clocking in at between $20 and $100+ dollars, depending upon how many bells and whistles you prefer on your pillow. Now you may be thinking that a speaker embedded in your pillow can’t be to comfortable but the actual speaker is a thin strip that’s buried inside the relatively thick pillow, which also has the effect of diffusing the sound, allowing for a great degree of control over the volume. The pillow speaker is definitely one of those ridiculously cool inventions that’s also incredibly useful to people who want to hear a few of their favorite tunes at night or just want the calm voice of a good audio book narrator to whisk them away into dream world.