Sunrise Alarm Clock - Philips Wake Up Light

There’s nothing more refreshing or fulfilling than getting a good night’s sleep and waking up to the sunrise alarm clock. “Wait, what? Don’t you mean ‘sunrise’?”

Well, sort of! Unfortunately, not all of us have schedules that permit us the luxury to basque in nature’s warm morning rays upon our rousing and woe is he, whose room doesn’t face the rising sun! But don’t worry…there’s a fantastic 2nd best.


sunrise alarm clocks              


We in the Western world have been finding ways to bring mother nature into our homes (without having to actually leave them) for well over a century now and while it’s easy to get all touchy-feely about this situation, the truth is that living in a civilization usually means compromising between always being outdoors and maintaining a comfortable distance from nature’s less desirable tendencies such as wild animal attacks, inclement weather, sleeping in the dirt, you get the picture.

Yes, it’s unsatisfactory of a trade-off and we all know that there’s nothing better than the sun waking us up. For this reason, inventors have created a beautiful little device that combines that alarm clock (boo) with the morning sunshine (yay): the sun alarm clock. The light bulb that comes on this device gradually increases its luminosity when your alarm goes off to mimic the gradual onset of sun. Likewise, it utilizes a warm yellow spectrum of light, similar to the range that the sun naturally produces.

Some of the best models include the Philips wake up light and the BioBrite Sunrise Clock.

In addition to helping you wake up feeling refreshed and in touch with mother nature, the sunrise alarm clock doubles a night reading lamp, radio and whatever other doohickeys that particular manufacturer decided to append!