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Most people have heard of the now vastly popular white noise machine: an electronic apparatus that loops various unremarkable sounds that the ear, after a little bit of acclimation, perceives as “background noise” and tunes out, inducing a tranquil state conducive to falling and staying asleep.


white noise machines              


In fact, most of us have observed this phenomenon occurring in various situations. For example, have you ever been in a situation where you were going to bed and a generator or an AC or a fan or a TV in the background or the rushing of water or gentle wind blowing through the trees outside gave you a sense of calm and helped you fall asleep quickly? The reason that happens is because “sharp” noises rouse our attention as this has survival value to our species (though this is something of a vestige now that we’re living in civilization rather than a tribal society). Unimportant noise, on the other hand, often called white noise or pink noise, is identified by the brain as generally unimportant. The reason the brain does this is the same reason it filters any information: we have to focus on the things that matter to survive and thus we can’t focus on everything all at once.

How well do you think you’d be able to sleep if your brain perceived the sound of a light rainfall or intermittent breeze to be worthy of your attention every time it came up? You’d never be able to sleep and so as a matter of survival, we’ve evolved to relegate certain sounds into the “not important” category, while other sounds (say, a sabertooth lion roaring a half a mile away) to be of paramount importance! Now, our modern society provides a true plethora of stimulation; so much so, in fact, that we’re chronically overstimulated and the inability to get to sleep, stay asleep and sleep in a deep, anxiety-free manner is an epidemic in the West.

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The white noise machine, however, which mimics these “background” sounds, tricks your brain into think that there are no important sounds to focus on and thus allows you to drift quickly and deeply into the sleep that you so deserve and require.